The Roswell Historic Cottage

We are delighted and honored to welcome you to the Roswell Historic Cottage. Once regarded as The Old Library, the Roswell Historic Cottage was eloquently preserved featuring dramatic high ceilings, exposed beams, original brick walls, and a grand open loft. Rich warm wall colors and lovely flooring will enhance any occasion with a touch of nostalgic class. Residing in the beloved heart of Roswell's historic district, we thrive on meeting the needs of our customers and invite you to enjoy all that the cottage has to offer.

The Three Ways We Can Do It For You

1- You may just rent the facility, tables, chairs, and be on your own for everything else so long as you hire licensed and insured vendors. Please note that you always have to pay for the mandatory cleaning fee. 

2- You may use our a la carte option which allows you to work with the vendors that you already have and we will pretty much help you with anything that you do not have a vendor for it. 

3- We do it all for you.  Nothing is going to b sup in the air. You will taste the food and the cake to make sure you love them. You will meet with the florist and the photographer to make sure you love their work. You will either have to love everything that we offer or you may be on your own. So, for any reason you do not like any of our vendors, you will not pay for them. 

Good to Knows About The Venue

No matter what way out of the 3 ways above you take, you will get to bring your own alcohol to this venue which saves you tons of money. We do not have corkage fee nor bar minimums. Whatever you bring in we will serve it for you!


Depending on if you would like to use the tent or not, we can offer maximum of 25 parking spaces and minimum of 15

on site. We would like to dedicate the onsite parking spaces to the immediate family or the handicapped. The rest of the party can always park at the city hall located at 38 Hill st. Roswell, 30075 and we will shuttle them to the venue. The shuttle will run back and forth no matter how many times they have to run to make sure the guests are conveniently transported to and from the venue. Below is the picture of the shuttle and the gazebo where they guests will be picked up. (if you're a guest, please check with the host to make sure the service is included to the renter's contract) 

We will never book for 2 events in one day to make sure our renters have enough time to enjoy the party. So, no matter what it is just a venue rental or full package we offer the venue from noon to midnight.

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